Sonic Heroes PC Game

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Genre : Action & Adventure
Platform : PC Game
Publisher : Sega


In Sonic Heroes, gamers control a team of three characters with individual strengths. Though the players on each team are different, the same basic rule applies: one mascot is used for speed, another for flight and the last for power. The button layout is such that players can intuitively cycle through the characters. Though it initially takes some getting used to, especially with the game's fast pace, the process is easily mastered with a little practice. In the levels, most of the terrain can be covered by all three mascots, but there are often spots where one specific mascot is needed in order to continue.

Product Information
Sonic Heroes PC Game
Title : Sonic Heroes
Platform : PC Games
Genre : Action, Adventure
Publisher : Sega
ESRB Rating : E - Everyone

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Manufacturer : Sega

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