Battlefield 3 PS3 Game

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Genre : Shooter
Platform : PS3 Game
Publisher : Sony DADC


First person shooter based games are great for adrenaline junkies who need fast paced action in a controlled setting where target practice and strategy come together to provide a fulfilling gaming experience. The settings used in the game are contemporary while the story could very well be in an alternate universe where terrorists have nuclear capabilities due to the capture of several atomic warheads. The Battlefield game is a first person action adventure package that can provide for hours of entertainment. The extensive single player campaign has a deep rooted storyline that will keep you engaged and highly interested for hours to come. You can also jump right into the multiplayer mode if you want to compete with other people around the world. The game has been developed by DICE and published by EA. It runs on the latest Frostbite 2 Game Engine that delivers stunning visuals especially in open world maps where light flaring has been realistically rendered. Shadows, foliage and terrain have all been rendered beautifully along with the characters and weapon detailing can easily be seen. You ideally take command of a variety of key characters in the game, without really sticking to any one person, though the primary protagonist is seen at the beginning of the game undergoing a debriefing. During a major part of the game, you take control of a team of elite United States Marines, experiencing some heart-pounding first person action across maps set in different parts of the globe, like Paris, Tehran, NYC and other scenic places. You can also control vehicles and fighter jets. The game engine truly delivers some stunning visuals in terms of destruction through explosions, game physics during shoot-outs and dynamic audio processing. With all this thrown in to Battlefield 3, you feel more alive as the player, getting a greater degree of game interaction than ever before.

Product Information
Battlefield 3 PS3 Game
Title : Battlefield 3
Platform : PS3 Game
Publisher : Sony DADC
ESRB Rating : M - Mature
Genre : Shooter

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Manufacturer : Sony DADC

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